His Beneficence

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By Peace Ujunwa C.M

About the book: He, born with ‘the healing hands’, wondered why this gift he so much cherished as a child has become so burdensome.

Gabriel was enjoying a normal childhood; well, not so normal, with his gift and all. But he was happy. Not until his father decided it was more productive to run a prayer house than the small shop of a blacksmith.

Now he was all grown up and miserable. Was his gift really a gift?



About the author: Peace Ujunwa was born and raised in a Nigerian Christian family. Growing up, Ujunwa frequently told stories in her head. Often, she got inspired by movies and books, learning to create her own stories until she decided to share them with the world.

Her first novel series: ‘The Revelation House Series’ was born from her decision to not yield to depression, but to always find reasons to smile. This book, ‘His Beneficence‘ is the first of the three-part series and it has 303 pages.

2 reviews for His Beneficence

  1. Daniella chukwubueze

    Poor Gabriel had to pay dearly for a God-given gift, the fact that he had to sacrifice his social freedom for healing service through out his childhood came with a cost of emotional uncertainty….
    The book also captures the struggles of Sarah ,her suprising rise to greatness plus her positive influence on those around her especially Carla,Timoty and Gabriel is something anyone will admire…
    I give five star do this book because of the twist and turns and the unpredictable events that delights me while i read …

  2. Chinedu Maduoma

    This Book is one that once you do get started on, you strive to complete reading in the shortest possible time. The sequence of events in the life of the main characters reveal that our actions or inactions still impact negatively or positively on the life of others. We all need other humans to survive and fulfil destiny, as there would be low moments in life when our faith in God would need to find expression in the life of those surrounding us. Patrick considered himself to be of low estate and succumbed to the advice of a deceptive tongue; though married to Maggie, a help-meet and having a son, Gabriel, with the gift of healing. Gabriel, who is a favourite character of mine, had to go through convoluted periods of being a human being and a product. This Book also reveal the life of other characters, such as Sarah, Carla, and Timothy among others; Sarah being a destiny helper, Carla, a talented songstress, and Timothy, an expression of humanity. We often lose sight of how our journeys in life are connected… I give this book a five star.

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