At Everbrighter Communications™, we have talented and skilful individuals who are top professionals in their fields and proficient at what they do.

We hire experts in graphics design and printing who creatively come up with eye-catching and appropriate book cover designs and use state of the art equipment to deliver the best possible book quality.

Our CEO and Co-founder, who is proficient in the art of proofreading and content editing heads this aspect of the company, with a group of other individuals, carefully selected for their expertise in specific genre and vast knowledge and experience.  

Our Co-founder is also in-charge of the Media and Public Relations Advisory Group (M-PRAG), alongside our CEO. The duo have vast knowledge in the use of Media and have extensive job experience in the field, working with senior officials in the management cadre of the Nigerian government,  development sector and the Church.

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We are proficient in the art of proofreading and content editing, we have vast knowledge and experience in communication and media and we deliver the best.