OUr story


Our Story

Everbrighter Communications™ is founded on the core need for clarity in expressions.

Growing up in a country, where there are over 300 tribes and over 520 languages, Ngozi, a graduate of Communication experienced first-hand, the chaos and damage often caused by misunderstanding and inappropriate communication. She was born in a city situated in the Western part of Nigeria, acquired her education in that same part of Nigeria and later outside the shores of her country and carried out her National Youth Service Corps in the Northern part of Nigeria. Meanwhile, she is from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Thus, after her Undergraduate Degree in Communication and Language Arts from the University of Ibadan, she went further to acquire a Masters Degree in Integrated Global Communication from Kennesaw State University, Georgia, United States of America. Her Masters Degree course focused on training students to communicate effectively, irrespective of their environment or cultural differences. After her studies and a few job experiences, she felt inspired to start up this company to help individuals, groups, or communities communicate better through whatever channel that is most favourable to them- whether through books, radio, television, newspaper, newsletter, magazine, Internet etc.  

Therefore in Everbrighter Communications™, we believe that communication is a tool that requires skill and one that can be mastered and effectively utilized for the greater good and the development of mankind.

This is why the company not only offers services in TV and Radio Content Development; Voice Overs; Audio and Visual Productions; Books, Journal and Paper Editing and Publishing; but it also offers training on Communication skills, with courses in Writing, News Reporting and Public Speaking.

Though offering a wide range of services, through the engagement of external skilful professionals, the company specializes in content editing and proofreading.

Everbrighter Communications™ has in-house staff who specialize in content editing and proofreading.

Our Philosophy

It is our mission to use media tools efficiently and effectively as channels to deliver encoded messages to its target audience.