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At Everbrighter Communications™

We believe that communication is a tool that requires skill and one that can be mastered and effectively utilized for the greater good and the development of mankind. This is why the company not only offers services in TV and Radio Content Development; Voice Overs; Audio and Visual Productions; Books, Journal and Paper Editing and Publishing; but it also offers training on Communication skills, with courses in Writing, News Reporting and Public Speaking. Though offering a wide range of services, through the engagement of external skillful professionals, the company specializes in content editing and proofreading.

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Effective Approach

Our mission is to use media tools efficiently and effectively as channels to deliver encoded messages to its target audience.

Expert Advice

It is our mission to get rid of the noise that often interferes with the sender’s encrypting of a message and the receiver’s decoding of the message.

Professional Team

At Everbrighter Communications™, we have talented and skilful individuals who are top professionals in their fields and proficient in what they do.

Result Based

We are proficient in the art of proofreading and content editing and we have vast knowledge and experience, and we deliver the best.

Our Range of Services

What we offer


​We are vast and experienced in the business as PUBLISHERS of magazines, newsletters, journals, books, souvenirs and other publications.

Our expertise in publications extend to both digital, electronic and hardcopy.

We also undertake distribution in person or through post, couriers, or through agencies, third party vendors and distributors, as well as other delivery channels, through physical or electronic means of distribution.

Content Editing and Proof Reading

We provide professional services in the area of content editing and proofreading intellectual and media content for the purpose of books, documentaries, papers, articles, movies, programmes for both audio and visual media platforms.

Production (Audio and Video)

We are in the key media business of producing audio / video clips, educational, religious and commercial documentaries respectively, while also producing all other programmes of various kinds in digital and other presentations.

Business Solutions and Media Advisory Services

We also render the key service of providing business solutions and media advisory services to help clients through the gathering of news and analysis, with a view to making quick and accurate key decisions that will drive business profitability.


We are also involved in converting audio/video recordings to written forms of communication

Training and Consultancy

 We undertake the very core media business of training and consultancy in media production, media and business content development, news report writing and reporting, news casting, specialised skill development in audio and video presentation and general broadcasting. This service is for specialised clientele that include governments, television and radio stations, development sector organisations, as well as other related organisations and individuals in need of such specialised services.






We are proficient in the art of proofreading and content editing, we have vast knowledge and experience in communication and media and we deliver the best.