2022: A Much Better New Year


Happy New Year, and welcome to the year 2022!

The start of every new year is often when individuals and corporations re-strategise, outline and highlight their goals and vision for the new year. Many organise prayers and fast, seeking the face of God for direction in the new year, and some others organise retreats for personal reflection and bonding time among colleagues.

Organisations hold board meetings and strategy sessions to draw up a plan and budget for the new year.

For Everbrighter CommunicationsTM, at the start of 2021, we reaffirmed our commitment to helping start-up writers become renowned authors. Hence, we are proud to record that we worked with three first-time authors, two of whom debuted their first books last year and have begun the process of becoming renowned authors. Check out their books and reviews on our website and endeavour to get a copy.

It was also our goal to train individuals to improve their communication skills. We did this as we voluntarily held training sessions once every month in 2021 for over 100 individuals seeking to master the English Language and improve their communication skills. See the training tab for a few pictures.

In continuation of our objective to increase our company’s social media presence, we grew our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Thus, we can now boast of having over 1800 followers on Facebook and over 3000 followers on Instagram, some of whom engage actively on our pages. Please, visit our pages to learn more.

In 2021, we also successfully trademarked the name of our organisation, Everbrighter CommunicationsTM.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many companies, especially small businesses, have struggled to maintain balance in the workspace and increase profitability. Several individuals struggled and are still struggling with fewer work hours and less pay; some even lost their jobs.

Thankfully, several countries produced vaccines in 2021, which helped slow down the fatality of the virus and increase social contact. However, many were unwilling to take the vaccine, and some are still unsure about its authenticity. Later in the year, a new, more contagious variant called Omicron emerged. Once again, several countries rolled out travel restrictions, which affected the end of the year plans of some individuals and corporations. In all of these, we are thankful to God that we made it into 2022.

In this new year, it is crucial to make smarter decisions. Therefore, here are three of our social media posts from last year with tips on how to have a successful 2022. 

Do you like our content? We can create bespoke content for your social media pages and website.

This year, Everbrighter CommunicationsTM is looking forward to global partnerships and expansion. As a book publishing outfit, we aim to publish more books than the previous year and, of course, establish ourselves as the best at what we do.

In 2022, with God’s help and you, our partners and clients, we are going to shine brighter than ever before.

Thank you for being part of our 2021, and we look forward to an even greater year!


Ngozi Adighibe

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