Convergence Culture (Part 4): A blessing or a curse

Convergence Culture (Part 4): A blessing or a curse

For our final post on the convergence culture, let’s round off with the fourth and fifth of the 5Cs – Consequences and Conclusion. What are the consequences of this new culture- convergence culture, if any? And, what is our conclusion and thoughts on the concept of convergence?

Consequences: A blessing or a curse

Imagine the reformation and enlightenment made available through the spread of information.

Imagine the innovations in the world today as a result of collaboration.

Imagine the solutions brought to countries all over the world through communication.

Imagine the destruction taking place in some nations today as a result of this global participation.

Everything has its good and bad side, but that should not stop you from playing your own part! After all, it is only when good people participate and collaborate that it leads to the greater good.

Conclusion: Final agreement

The world of convergence is awaiting some great minds like you to step out and create solutions to the problems in the society and world. Information is available, and technologies have been developed and are still being developed. But, the most crucial part is for a human mind to put it all together, make sense of it and utilize it to better our world. Convergence is the merger between human minds and media technology.

So, what are you waiting for? The world is waiting!

Ngozi Adighibe

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