Tech Control: In the hands of a few? (2021)

Tech Control: In the hands of a few? (2021)

My previous post ended with the question: is the control of technology and society really in the hands of a few?

And my answer is, based on research and experience it appears so. That’s why for today’s post we’ll review and analyse the opinions of individual researchers, who consider technology as an innovation at war with the human society, and believe that its control is in the hands of only a few. Through their findings, these researchers established that technology is being manipulated by a few persons, who also shape how it is used in human society.

Based on my interpretations so far, I now consider myself to fall under the category of “social constructivist” as described in Hamilton and Heflin (2011) because I have chosen to “elevate human agency above technology.” This is true because I cannot see past the fact that technology is not a living thing, which implies that it cannot function entirely on its own without a control button.

It is controlled by human beings, or as observed in the readings, by a few people who monopolise the system. Thus, influencing the growth and spread of technology and its use in the larger society.

The implication is that it is possible that what technology has become today is not in its entirety acceptable to all. However, because some significant drivers are manipulating the system, it appears to be generally accepted.

Is everyone comfortable with the privacy settings on Facebook or WhatsApp, No! But, these minority voices are ignored, because the society has become a “capitalist-sponsored culture” (Williams, 2007). So, instead of blaming technology, why not blame these big players who have taken control of the system for their own personal gains. After all, “A medium is not an evidence and cause of its own history – human agency is involved” (Gitelman, 2006).

Which brings me back to the question in the previous post, Man or Technology, who is the bigger threat? I’ll say, man, because I do not think creation can be more powerful than its creator and I believe the authors mentioned in this post would agree.

But, I’ll like to know what you think: Is technology at war with human culture? Is it controlled by only a few individuals? Please, share your thoughts; I’d really like another perspective.

By Ngozi Adighibe

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