CHRISTIANITY: Musings and Life lessons of a Christian Writer

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By Ngozi Adighibe

Foreword by The Most Rev’d. Nicholas D. Okoh
Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria & Chairman, GAFCON Primates’ Council


Straight to the point; The writer assures in the short chapters of this book on Christianity that we all have a gift and reason to live, which can be found in God’s word, insists it isn’t hard to be selfless even when it seems the church is not much different from the world and adds that even if the truth may be bitter, this antidote would make the person better.





In this small but mighty book CHRISTIANITY: MUSINGS AND LIFE LESSONS OF A CHRISTIAN WRITER Ngozi Adighibe employed a topical writing style to address some issues bothering on practical Christianity.

The topics treated in this book cut across wide areas of the Christian life, devotion and service. The author makes a strong appeal as she advocates for responsible Christianity; Christianity that is Bible-based, that demonstrates God’s love, that is void of hypocrisy, and that shines as light in the world; Christianity that changes the world, and not the type that is changed by the world.

The book is so small that it can be read through in one sitting. But the lessons therein are so weighty that it will take a life-time to digest them. We recommend this book to Christians everywhere, especially those, who sincerely desire a blameless walk with God.


The Most Revd. Nicholas D. Okoh, MA, Fss, Mss, LLD, DD.

Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria &

Chairman, GAFCON Primates’ Council

8 reviews for CHRISTIANITY: Musings and Life lessons of a Christian Writer

  1. Obichi Nibble

    My review is already at the back of the book (yes!) and I’m proud to have been involved with this book. This book of musings is a good read!

    Fans of Christian literature will definitely love this and priests can use this book as reference in their sermons.

  2. Ngozi Adighibe

    It is a very good book. I love it

  3. Chinomso

    I’m not a reader, only read when I’ve got no choice; but when I finally decided to read this book I found myself unable to stop reading. And after I was done reading I found myself longing for more.
    What do I love most about this book? I love the writer’s ability to engage the reader and to keep the reader reminiscing on the written words.
    The book sheds a lot of light on practical Christianity, where many of us have forgotten what Christianity is really all about.
    It’s a must read, not only for Christians, but for everyone in search of truth and desiring a united world.

  4. Bisi Amagada(Mrs)

    I am proud of you for writing this extremely nice book-CHRISTIANITY:Musings and Life Lessons of a Christian Writer. Congratulations on the success of your labour in producing such a book in our society, where only few Spirit-filled young people like you can do justice to the subject of your book. You did a fine job… Keep it up, my beloved.

  5. Ifeyinwa

    Good book.. Easy to read and straight to the point. The writer caught my attention on the importance of being conversant with the bible.
    This book is so easy to understand and encourages one to go back to the basics.

  6. Archbishop Emmanuel Egbunu

    This book is intended for young people at the crossroads of life who need to develop a healthy biblical worldview in the marketplace of wild ideas, which, as the author points out sometimes come from the contradictions of the adult world, the Church inclusive.

  7. Archbishop Caleb Maduoma

    The expression of Ngozi’s thoughts on Christianity is well articulated in this book. Christianity is not a religion, it is the way of living a life that will glorify God. The writer tells or reminds the reader, and from her personal experience in the word of God – the Bible, to walk in this way of life. It is the only way that leads to life eternal – Jesus, the way, the truth and the life.
    This book is recommended for reading, not only for Christian writers/readers, but for all who desire to live a life in eternity.

  8. Ven. Kingsley Obuh

    In this brief but inspired work of meditation, Ngozi has, like the legendary Preacher of the Old Testament (King Solomon in Ecclesiastics), dealt with real life experiences and lessons in the Christian life. It can be described as a General Epistle because it covered many areas of spiritual need for a Christian pilgrim, most importantly are the areas of salvation, love and forgiveness. In these writings, she has demonstrated sound and balanced knowledge of the Bible in the messages being passed. This book, if widely circulated, will bring healing to so many lives, homes, congregations and society at large.

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